El Centro 06

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A lot has happened since the idea of a centre in
Buenos Aires emerged.  The perfect physical place
appeared – and disappeared before we could act.  Your
support – both in spirit and $$ – inspired and
motivated us to continue preparing and building on the

Eduardo stayed in Buenos Aires to study public
relations at university full time.  He continued to
teach group and private classes of tango, develop
choregraphies and perform and travelled when possible.

Kikki went to Buenos Aires and stayed to write,
learn the language and culture to communicate better,
to develop ideas, concepts and programs, to organize,
facilitate and co-ordinate.

A year of adjustment was successfully completed.
Meanwhile many dreams – not all – were becoming
realized  – in Buenos Aires and in various places
around the world.

A childhood dream of Eduardos to travel with his
mother brought us to Canada.  A tango teaching tour
connected him with friends, students and the creative
travelling life of tango after a year of intense
studies. It gave Gladis much pleasure to travel with
her son, seeing him work and getting to know people
and life in a different country and the opportunity
for Kikki to see her family in Canada.

Some of you came to visit Buenos Aires and Argentina
to pursue hobbies and interests, to dance in the
milongas and study tango, to combine travel with
professional studies….     Some of you have
travelled to Eduardos home and village, came with us
as we started to explore Argentina…….  some of you
are part of our family here in Buenos Aires and some
part of our international family around the world…

You took the opportunity to learn to dance tango with
Eduardo.  You know the passion he has for the dance,
the skill he has teaching it  and the joy he feels
connecting with people. You know his commitment to
positive values and how he motivates and inspires from
the heart.

This time has made it clear that to complete his
studies, continue with his group classes and practica,
long term students, private classes, develop
choregraphies and perform, travel and explore and
still stay healthy,

having a studio and office in the same place as living
quarters will make it easier and more efficient to
co-ordinate all the activities, stay in touch with
family and welcome friends, stay healthy and enjoy

So as we prepare for the beginning of another year, we
bring you this idea, this concept of creating a place
together, based on trust and confidence – a business
proposition from the heart,  an investment in the art
and beauty of creativity –  where your $$ will grow
with positive forces as it returns to you.

Can we do it ?!!!  We can do it !!!! Together we can
it !!!  The place is available, the same building,
different apartment !!!!  The time is now !!! Will you
join us !!??!!  We welcome you to be part of it !!!!
and wait to hear from you……

many besos from Eduardo
and as always  Kikki

To join with the hearts of others to create a physical
To develop an idea from spirit with the positive force
of love,
To host a place of beauty where passion meets joy,
Where freedom dances with intimacy,
and spirit smiles when dreams are realized,
An international gathering place,
with endless possibilities,
A place where dreams are realized,
with people, art, music and

El Centro  – Palacio De Los Capuros
an apartment with class, style and elegance,
a 4 story building built in 1914,
beautiful and solid – italian-french influenced
complete with a cupola,
a wide marble entrance with an iron filigree elevator,
5m decorative ceilings, 3m hallways with vitrios,
a reception area leading into a large livingroom,
3 large bedrooms, marble balconies with mosaic floors,
large bathroom with original tile work,
kitchen with laundry room and 2 maids rooms above,
120m2 – light and bright with good air circulation and
gas heating,
quiet and bright on the top floor,  zoned apto

strategically located with subway and buses steps
connecting to every part of Buenos Aires, located on
Corrientes Street, close to the home of Pugliese,

THE CONTENT – what we will do with it….
El CENTRO – the Meeting Place
A place to meet,  a place to stay in Buenos Aires, a
place of creativity,
a place where dreams are realized and lived, a place
to dance….

A place for Eduardo to combine and coordinate his
teaching and travelling, finance his university
studies and where all his friends from around the
world can find him,

A place where Kikki can write and coordinate the
various activities, keep in touch and stay connected
with people,

Up to 3 rooms can be rented on a short or long term
basis to people who are visiting Buenos Aires and make
el Centro self supporting,

Together we can do it!!  Together we can create it!!!
Together we can make a difference in the world !!  We
can gather in the Centre and let  the ripples of
laughter spread to every corner of the world. Join us
to realize the dream of dreams……

To buy this apartment financing of US$100,000 is
legal costs etc, and some basic furniture will add a
little more

The apartment will be owned and hosted by Eduardo and
Your investment-financing will be returned to you in
1-5 years – as per individual needs and requests,
The money will need to be forwarded to Buenos Aires,
– we can let you know the most convenient way,
The security of your investment is the apartment,
your trust and confidence in us and simple, legal
as requested…  Contact us for details……..

If you want to invest in us and el Studio  – or know
somebody who would like to finance it, let us
know……….If you believe in the idea and want to
support it,…………  let us know………  Can we
do it?   Always we can do it!!!!  Now is the time !!!!
We wait to hear from you,

many besos from Eduardo
and as always  Kikki