The Journey to Villa Ana- 2008


The journey from Buenos Aires to Villa Ana takes about 12 hours. Most of the time Eduardo takes the overnight bus and arrives early morning but the timing this time was not convenient because of work commitment.

At Retiro, the central bus station, there are close to 70 busports with a constant stream of departures and arrivals of long distance buses travelling to all parts of the country.  The double decker buses are comfortable with seats that recline to various angles or converts into beds

The upstairs level of Retiro are filled with booths selling tickets to all destinations. There is no central connection system rather each booth shows specific destinations and connections.  Eduardo walked along the hallway stopping to ask for information on how to arrive to the north of the province of Santa Fe.

Satisfied that he could teach his group class, visit with friends in town and watch a couple from his Tango show perform in the Milonga before leaving, he bought the tickets and went home to pack his bag.

A shower and coffee con leche con medialunas helped him stay awake until the bus left at 6am the following morning. He slept the 4 hour ride to the city of Rosario where he changed bus and bought a milanesa sandwich for lunch. The milanesa sandwich, the schnizel, is the most popular travelling food in Argentina. The journey north, to the capital city of Santa Fe, found him nodding off after a night without sleep but after getting a coffee and pastries at the stop in Santa Fe, he stayed awake and enjoyed watching the landscape pass by.

While the big city continued its chaotic activities, the northern part of the province seemed more cared for, more orderly and more prosperous than he remembered from the last time he saw it. As the miles and hours passed by, his thoughts went to his family and the joy of seeing his mother again.

Instead of arriving at sunrise he arrived to a spectacular sunset. The rented car, the remis, took him the last few kilometers from Villa Ocampo to his beloved home.

His mother was waiting to embrace him and he sighed with contentment as he sat down on the patio, knowing he was home again.