Journey To the Heart of Tango-14 days



A cultural dancing adventure in Argentina, an intimate experience of dancing in Buenos Aires.
Join your hosts EDUARDO SAUCEDO and KIKKI for an unforgettable trip.

Are you ready to go to Buenos Aires? Are you ready for adventure? We are ready! Buenos Aires is ready! Come with us and explore the city!!!

Included in our Tour package is –
Hotel accommodation – based on 2 people sharing a double room
Airport transfers – when you arrive just look for your name, you will be expected!
Information package to orient yourself
Welcoming fiesta
Our city sightseeing tour – tailered especially for you
Let yourself be swept away by the entertainment at our dinner tangoshow
Experience the intimate atmosphere of a tangoclub
Raise your glass of champagne in a toast at the beautiful and historical Cafe Tortoni
Discover hot chocolate and churros at an oldfashioned traditional Cafe
Have fun shopping – tango shoes, leather articles, clothes, music and much more

Get to know the city with our weekend excursion program to –
LA BOCA – browse colourful Caminito, visit the museum, have a beer in the oldest bar, watch the street performers, buy artesan souveniers, have your picture taken!!
SAN THELMO – watch El Indio and others dance in Plaza Dorrego, stop and watch the amazing puppetman, browse the antique market, explore the beautiful buildings and churches, dance under the stars…..
RECOLETA – the cultural centre with the Museum of Fine Arts, the Church with the cloister/museum, the market, the artist lane, the huge, beautiful tree, have a coffee and watch the couple dance tango on the sidewalk during sunset,
MATADEROS – visit the traditional market where you can still sense the presense of horses, taste the delicious choripan and vino patero, admire the beautiful folklore costumes and dance performances, enjoy the music….
PALERMO – the huge rose garden, the little temple, the pergolas, do what the people in Buenos Aires do, go mateando (drink mate) with your friends in the parks of Palermo

Rest and enjoy our day excursion to EL TIGRE, the community in the delta where the names of the homes say it all – Utopia, ShangriLa….we will get there by train, from our wooden boat you will see how the river constantly changes the landscape, visit the house/museum enclosed in glass preserving history, have lunch by the river and take time to browse the old fruitport where the artisans now market their crafts and return refreshed to the city.

and of course -THE TANGO, THE MILONGAS
Dance, Study and Learn more about the Argentine Tango – with Eduardo, through our private group classes, local group classes, outdoor milonga, afternoon milongas, night milongas All included. We want you to have the best experiences at the best value!!

We travel together, we get to know each other, we experience Buenos Aires together. At the same time you set your own pace, you decide what is important to you, there is time for individual exploration. Our information package tells you about the city, about the arts, what is happening during the time you are there.

Our DINNER/CONVERSATION package is not included in the basic cost of the tour to give you the freedom to participate or not as you choose. We have basic guidelines as to the additional cost of it. Ask us for details.

We have chosen where to dine carefully. We give you the opportunity to join us for a culinary exploration of Buenos Aires. We have invited local people to join us to give you the opportunity to converse and get to know the city and its people on a personal level. Try your Spanish or speak English, we will have a good time.

From the traditional fine restaurant to the traditional Argentinean way of eating pizza, from the beautifully restored traditional cafe to the neighbourhood confiteria, from casual empanadas to european elegance, we will explore the barrios, the neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires as we get ready to experience dancing in the Milongas nearby.

The MILONGAS – move the curtain aside and step into the world of tango!!!! You have seen La Ideal, you have heard of Nino Bien, Gricel is familiar as is Viejo Correo. There are more, we have chosen traditional milongas where many of the milongueros/tangueras choose to dance to the music of the golden era orchestras as well as milongas where music of todays generation is heard. Dance in the afternoons, dance the nights away. Find out what it is like at a group class in Buenos Aires and study with wellknown teachers at our private group classes.

We want to take you to the heart of Tango. To us, it means an experience of the city, its people, its culture, its food, its language as well as the Dance. Our program brings you to the “must see” tourist places that you have heard about. It then continues to bring you closer to its people and their daily lives. Buenos Aires is a big city. It is vibrant, it makes you come alive. It has its rythm. Like any big city it has its light side and its dark side. Together EDUARDO and KIKKI and their team will be your guides to a safe and secure experience and your resource for your very own, personal experiences of the heart of Tango – the beautiful, querido Buenos Aires.