Love Is the Motivation


What motivates us is love,
your love of the people,
my love for the world

When i feel loved
i can move mountains,
When i feel unlovable
i become invisible and still,

Your freedom to love people,
My freedom to love the world,

The process of love is the process of life,
the freedom of unconditional love,

love creates the struggle and separation,
our family dynamics
gives us the reason and possibility
to find our individual roads back to wholeness,

When i see in you the power of man,
when you see in me the beauty of woman,
we reflect our true selves in each other and
the love of life moves us forward in peace and harmony

It is the power of man to create,
it is the power of woman to give life,
the love of man gives life to woman,
the love of woman gives life to man,

Man creates life for woman,
Woman gives life to what man creates,
in balance and equality
we dance our passion

april 20-08