Do you remember
the words of the astronauts
travelling into space,
looking at our earth from above,

Our world is one they said,
the borders become invisible,
only the beauty of our earth and
the privilege of living remain,

The details of our daily lives
highlights our cultural diversity,
magnifies our different personalities,
mirrors images, positive and negative,

Each day we create our own experience,
build our common universe,
steer our emotions through stormy waters,
take a breath in peaceful moments,

In the line of dance of LIFE,
passion is the music,
cool minds clash,
warm hearts unite,

Look through the eye of cosmos!
See the colourful tapestry!
Your personalities are weaving!
Appreciate your diversity!


In the dance of tango,
individuals join into
separate couples,
moving together,
separating, uniting, constantly changing….

In life like in tango,
we circulate and navigate,
expressing our passion,
finding security in our structure,
creating with our technique,
moving together in our dance ,

May our hearts join together in the line of
dance…… ….
and reflect in life……

june 07